Our resident DJs represent the core sound of our movement. This unison of producers represents an important step for DROP as a brand as we continue to double down on our values of community and strive to support the hottest emerging House talent. 

Every artist has been lovingly chosen because their sound and ethos align perfectly with DROP, and we are excited to watch the crew develop as a team of DJs side by side.

Fasten your seat belt and joins us in our international ride: Barcelona, Madrid, Ibiza, Paris, Berlin, Beyrouth, Milano, Amsterdam and many more destinations to come!


Beniso is renowned for soulful House grooves and bassy rhythms. His sets pay homage to the real underground House scene of New York, Detroit and Chicago with his high-energy yet artfully selected dance-floor killers that’ll keep your feet stomping, and classic tunes chopped, sampled and overlayed to perfection. 

The Parisian born DJ and promoter is one of the creative forces behind DROP Dance Society. The sound of DROP through and through – prepare yourself for irresistibly dance-ready music.


Mona Lee brings an original performance, spicing up her DJ sets with live vocals. From disco to house music of all genres, that’s what she serves. A varied mix of deep house, afro house, acid house, tech house, Chicago, UK or NY influenced house… 

Her definition of house music? When it comes from the soul, you’ll feel it, the groove will get into your shoes.



Norman Doray embodies the raw energy and passion of dance music culture: his dedication to pushing the boundaries of classic French House music while showcasing his deep understanding of the genre’s rich roots has earned him enormous respect in the electronic dance community and the unfaltering support of his fans.



Tête de la Course is a House Music artist and ambassador, known for his unique blend of records from his personal collection. He’s part of the new wave of talents emerging from Barcelona and has released on embletamic labels such as Defected Records.

TDLC founded “Poetry in motion” in 2017, a quality house, deep house and disco music label based in Barcelona.



Merging the essence of the past with the intensity of today, Vince Void creates music that coalesces a wide palette of cultures, resources, and styles.

His sets and productions guide listeners through an eclectic musical pilgrimage that ranges from African edits to a swirlpool of 90s House and Italo disco. With an enduring love for synths and vintage hardware, the French DJ & producer infuses his music with a timeless vibration that brings back memories from the early days.



The Venezuelan-born DJ spent her formative years in 90s New York; it is here she refined her unique musical style. Expect an exquisite musical selection which fuses Soul, Funk, House, Disco and Afrobeat: this is bold, cheeky music that oozes passion and is guaranteed to get you dancing. 

In addition to her DJ activity she curates radio shows: Table For Two on Radio d59b (Belgrade) and VibeDelicious on Radio C/C (Barcelona). where she opens doors to the best producers, djs and music selectors.

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